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What’s Percs Online?


Percs Online is a service of online percussions recording sessions through the internet.
Every type of percussion on any type of music with live video.


How does it work?


You book a session on this site for at least an hour worth of recording.
You send us your backing tracks before the session time,
and we’ll send you a small software which
will let you hear the recorded sound in real time.
We’ll see each other via Skype during the session
and at the end we will send the recordings.


Why Percs Online?


-You will save time: You won’t have to come to the studio.
-You will save money: the recording setup will be pre-installed
with all the instruments and specialised
microphones for each percussion.
Wherever you are in the world, you will be able to record real instruments
in order to humanise your music as if you were there.

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Record in any studio you wish


Your Percs Online session will happen in the RiffX Studios at La Seine Musicale, consequently you’ll have different sounding recording studios to choose from with different sizes to match your project.


Nicolas Montazaud


After following solid classical studies at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique of Paris where he receives the highest honours for percussions and Chamber Music, this atypical musician is taught traditional percussions by the greatest specialists of Cuban music as well as Brazilian and oriental.
Rapidly he accompanies artists with very different musical universes like Louis Winsberg, Bojan Zulfikarpazik, Claude Nougaro, Roberto Alagna, Charles Aznavour, Laurent Voulzy, Johnny Halliday, Mylène Farmer or Michel Polnareff.
He’s a very solicited musician in the world of studio recording, he’s played for many different albums and has collaborated on movie scores from Alexandre Desplat, Yvan Cassar, Philippe Rombi, Klaus Badelt, Michel Portal, Vangelis, René Marc Bini, Pierre Adenot, Jun Miyake, Eric Lévy, Eric Neveu, Mathieu Lamboley…
He also works as a director and arranger for different artists’ albums (Serge Lama, Agnès Bihl…) and as a composer of instrumental music for Universal Publishing.

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