- I don t have music scores, can you still record what I have in mind?

Yes, that is absolutely possible. Percs-online will offer you several options, so that you can enrich your musical creation.


- I have very few knowkedge of percussions ...

We will advise you according to your music, and you ll benefit from more than 25 years experience in the recording of many different projects.


- I know exactly what I want and I would like to replace the virtual instruments from my project

Percs- online will copy the percussions being present in your mock up, and our dedicated sound engineer will get you the top recording quality of one of the most prestigious Parisian studio.


- Can you improvise and re create all kind of musical styles?

Our experience allows us to record all kind of music. However, some styles require specific instruments; please make your request as precise as possible so that we can answer your needs.


- I don t know what service to choose ...

Leave us your music in MP3 format via the dropbox. You ll get a proposition adapted to your needs within the next 24H.


- I don t have a “protools” session ...

You can send your tracks separately (they must imperatively be rhythmically synced with each other and begin at the same time). Don’t forget to indicate your project’s tempo! In the same process we would be able to print the recordings so they’ll be perfectly synced in your daw.


- What happens if Im not happy with the first version of my project?

With our simple process, you can get your music recorded in only a few hours. If it happens that you re not happy with a track, or with the sound of one of the instrument, you can get a new recording of that specific element, for free.


- What do I receive exactly?

Percs-online sends you a full protool session in the format of your choice, as soon as the recording is done, including the MP3 recorded tracks. After validation, you ll get the high definition files.
Après validation, vous recevez les fichiers en haute définition.